About Us

Sun Club was born on salty beach days with a longing to create fun, wearable, considered pieces, with no constrictions to age, size or sex. 

Founded by Summer Stuz in October 2022, Sun Club has been run from Summer's studio located in Rainbow Beach, her home for the past 5 years.

Each piece is designed by a one-man-team, combining the roles of designer, pattern-maker and seamstress.

One of Sun Club's key principles is to live and produce slowly, honouring the process of restoration and connection. We reduce our footprint as much as possible, by using majority of up-cycled materials, printing on recycled paper swing tags, and shipping our items in compostable bags. 

We make pieces with intention and Quality

Up-cycled, handmade goods:

staples that stand the test of time, 

to pass from one sun lover to the next.

Sun Club